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BISS ´2010, SK CH., SKCHR Club CH.


Australia x USA line 

MultiCh., Ich., GrandCh. Tusani Ani White Lady x MultiCh., Ich. Ikimba Waitimu

gen for brown nose ?

*3.3.2008, Tusani kennel, full dentition, scissorbite, 67 cm /40 kg, HD: 0/0, ED: 0/0, OCD neg./neg., LTV   neg..  Thyroid - T3, T4, TSH in normal, blood profile in normal. Sheena is from puppy age fed with BARF (Biologically Appropriate Raw Food), excellent temperament with great potencional for work and sports!


(Pedigree made by our grandma Monika Tušanová)



photo: INAKA




photo: Jiří Kovář


photo: INAKA   



 BISS at the Slovak Club show 2010, SK Club Winner 2010, SKCHR Winner 2010

Champion of Slovakia

SKCHR Club Champion *

Candidate for SK Grand Champion

Working Bitch of the Year 2013

Working Bitch of the Year 2010

Best Puppy of the SKCHR Club Show 2009

 mother of our "All inclusive" litter

Sports achievements:

Best Puppy of the Saranga Sprint Cup 2008 (CZ)

Best Bitch of the Coursing Cup 2009, SKCHR (SK)

Best Bitch of the Rhodesian Ridgeback Mastership 2009, oval race long 360 m (AT)   

(Sheenas best time 26,84 sec., oval race long 360 m)

 Best RR Profi Bith, Best of RR, Best Profi Dog of the Special Coursing Race for Hunting Breeds and others 2010 by MSC, "Nejen ohaří speciál"

Race Licence

 Sheenas lovely expression:)


 Sheena as teenager:)


  For both pics many tanks to Šárka and Kamil Mach